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About us


ICONIC OLYMPIC GAMES ACADEMY PVT. LTD. (Owner & Publisher of Sportszone Magazine, News Portal, You tube channel)  is directed by the renowned Grand Master Mr. Syed RafatZubair Rizvi and a team of professionals, with a crystal clear vision to bring a dynamic change in Sports & Fitness.


IOGA’s vision was developed to align itself with the fast-developing sports industry.

We have a responsibility to the country to ensure that the sustainable development of Youth or Sportsmen becomes a reality. It plays a major role in accelerating the growth of the sport in the community by providing high-quality sporting expertise to satisfy the needs of the country.

In view of the absence of sports magazine in Hindi language for sports players, Iconic Olympic Games Academy launched its Hindi Sportszone magazine along with web-portal and YouTube channel, completely dedicated to the upliftment of Sports in Uttar Pradesh and other states as well.